Review | NKJV Classic Verse-By-Verse Center-Column Reference Bible

Before 2021 ended, Thomas Nelson released a bunch of NKJV Bibles that are absolutely worth having. Among which is the NKJV Classic Verse-By-Verse Center-Column Reference Bible in gray genuine leather. I particularly love this Bible because of its unique look and elegant design.

This Bible is super gorgeous! If I am buying Bibles for their looks alone, I will surely get this one in a heartbeat. The design is simply exquisite. It has blue-stained edges that look perfectly with the gray genuine leather cover. It is a refreshing break from the usual silver and gold edges on Bibles. The genuine leather cover is high-quality. It is thick yet flexible. Much of its thickness comes from the paste-down vinyl liner. It also has five raised spine hubs with silver ornaments which gives it an elegant finish. This Bible looks like a premium piece at first glance.

The layout of this Bible is very good. I prefer verse-by-verse over paragraph format on Bibles so that’s already a plus. But I find the center-column reference a bit compressed in the middle which ultimately makes the overall appearance of the texts look crowded. I think it would have been much better if they placed lines on the sides of the references like the old-school way. The lines would have acted as dividers and would have made the texts look more neat and organized. Nevertheless, the 10-point scripture text is very readable and the references are easy to find. This Bible is red-letter—meaning the words of Christ are in red—and it boasts 72,000 cross-references.

I also want to emphasize that the paper that Thomas Nelson used in this Bible is outstanding. It is cream, highly opaque, and has a premium touch. I do not have the information about its thickness, but I really like it! This Bible also contains three premium satin ribbon markers, a presentation page, book introductions, and full-color maps.

Final thoughts

Thomas Nelson outdid themselves again! The NKJV Classic Verse-By-Verse Center-Column Reference Bible is so lovely, I couldn’t even put it down. The design, materials, and readability are impeccable. If you love reading the NKJV, I highly recommend this incredible edition. It retails for $109.99 and is also available in gray leathersoft cover.

Disclosure: A review copy of the NKJV Classic Verse-By-Verse Center-Column Reference Bible, gray genuine leather (ISBN 9780785253563) was provided for review by Thomas Nelson, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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