Book Review | The Story of God with Us

Wolfbane Books exists with a mission to increase biblical literacy and form imagination among readers by creating resources for family discipleship. Their debut release, The Story of God with Us, is a masterpiece that every family should have.

Co-written by Wolfbane Books founders, Kenneth Padgett and Shay Gregorie, The Story of God with Us traces the foundational reality at the heart of the biblical story: God’s desire and determination to be with His people. This 30-page storybook is a wonderful retelling of the communion between God and man from the dawn of time up to the present unto the future, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

Fully illustrated by The Wingfeather Saga illustrator, Aedan Peterson, the pages of this book are captivating and an absolute delight to read. Each page offers a visual adventure that will surely engage any reader. Aside from the breath-taking graphics and illustrations, what I love most about this book is the story it conveys. It gloriously showcases the story of redemption—the fall of man and God’s plan of salvation. It also captures God’s sustaining grace and enduring faithfulness to those who have come before us which also upholds us today.

This book makes an excellent gospel story introduction to children, and the kind of storybook that we need in this day and age—accessible, uncompromised, biblically sound. The Story of God with Us is an incredible book for the whole family to cherish and enjoy.

Disclosure: A review copy of The Story of God with Us was provided for review by Wolfbane Books, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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