Book Review | Christ and Calamity

Christ and Calamity is among the few books that were published during the peak of the COVID-19 which somehow addresses the pandemic itself. Though the author, Harold L. Senkbeil, explicitly noted that this book is not about the pandemic, it touches that area where we are all vulnerable. He tells us that in our world full of uncertainty, doubt, sickness, and death, God’s faithful grace and constant word are our sure foundation. Covering 11 topics examining man’s weakness and showing Christ’s strength for us, this little book is a gem, a balm for the tired and wounded soul in our pandemic-stricken world.

“In life’s tight spots, focus not on your faith, but on God’s faithfulness. Look not at your promises to him, but his loving promises to you in his Son. Rest assured, those promises include your name.”

Harold Senkbeil

The topics are biblically-saturated and straightforward. Senkbeil gives us answers straight from the Bible and he speaks pastorally to our suffering. The chapters are short and easy to digest; you can actually finish this book in one sitting. But I recommend that you read each chapter one at a time to give yourself ample time to reflect and ponder. This book is a good post-Bible reading companion to exhort you to always hope in Christ.

Lord, do you not care if we perish? That’s what the frightened disciples shouted to Jesus as he slept in the stern of a storm-tossed boat. In the midst of suffering and uncertainty, we’re all prone to think that God has forgotten us, he doesn’t care, or he’s powerless to do anything.

Christ and Calamity

What I love most about this book is how Senkbeil addresses our sufferings and afflictions by reiterating Christ’s immutable character and attributes. Each chapter is titled this way: “When You Are Faithless, Christ Is Your Faithfulness,” “When You Are In Darkness, Christ Is Your Light,” “When You Are Dying, Christ Is Your Life,” and so on. They are also accompanied by a particular Bible passage that beautifully summarizes each chapter. In the latter part of the book, Senkbeil included some edifying prayers and a wonderful poem on Christ.

Christ and Calamity is one of the best books that I have read during the pandemic and one that I will surely revisit from time to time.

Disclosure: A review copy of Christ and Calamity was provided for review by Lexham Press, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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