Book Review | Reading Between The Lines

On January 1st the whole world wants to be new. The magazines scream at us: “New Year, New You!” How do you feel about the New Year? Are you ready to turn over a fresh leaf or are you dreading another year of “same old, same old?”

In Reading Between The Lines, Glen Scrivener invites us to encounter Jesus afresh daily through God’s divine word. Designed to be used for daily reading, this two-volume set offers readers a beautiful survey and devotional guide to the Holy Scriptures—the first volume for the Old Testament, the second for the New Testament. The main goal of these daily readings is to point us to Christ so we can find Him written all-throughout the Bible (John 5:39).

I like that this book is formatted like a devotional. This way, it is easier to read. But this is not your typical devotional. Unlike the usual devotional that focuses on and elaborates a particular Bible verse, each devotional in Reading Between The Lines covers chunks of Bible passages as suggested reading to provide a better context and to cover more ground. Each reading highlights a particular theme in the scripture that ultimately builds up the portrait of Christ so we can see and know him clearly.

What I love most about Reading Between The Lines is that the words written on its pages are solid, grounded, and unapologetic. As the author puts it, this is not a daily pep-talk to inspire you to greater deeds. The studies found here remove the spotlight from you and rightfully place it on Christ so you can see him more. Though the readings are not extensive commentaries, they provide you just the right amount of introduction to various Biblical and Christological themes—a good starter for further and deeper study.

I can’t recommend these volumes highly enough! This year, if you are yearning for a real deep encounter with Christ and His word, Reading Between the Lines is just the right study companion. This will help you to think of yourself less, and grow in Christ more.

Disclosure: A review copy of Reading of Those, two-volume set was provided for review by 10 of Those, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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