Book Review | J.C. Ryle’s Daily Readings

John Charles Ryle needs no introduction. His clear, solid, and pastoral way of writing is the reason why I consider him as a “post-Puritan era Puritan.” Over his decades of service as an Evangelical Anglican Bishop, he has written numerous books that Christians today still read and benefit from. Among which is his most beloved and famous multi-volume Expository Thoughts on the Gospels.

In Daily Readings, Robert Sheehan presented and arranged Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels in a daily morning and evening devotional format. Containing over 730 readings from Ryle’s previous volumes, this devotional is tailored to be read for the entire year.

The layout and format of the devotionals in Daily Readings are clear and straightforward. Each includes the Scripture reference from where the devotionals were taken from, suggested further readings, and for meditation passages for reflection. For Gospel accounts where a particular incident in the life of our Lord is repeated, Sheehan selected the longest record as readings for the day and the parallel passages are listed in brackets for reference.

As you would expect in Ryle’s writings, the devotionals are very warm, pastoral, Biblically sound, and grounded. I like that the devotionals are short and concise. Each contains at least three to four paragraphs only. This not only makes it an excellent supplementary devotional but it will also not take up much of your time for personal Bible reading. And just like my favorite Charles Spurgeon devotional, I love that each day has a reading for morning and evening.

Aside from the meaty devotionals, I commend Evangelical Press for publishing this work in a deluxe hardback format with a luxurious gold-blocked cover. The writings are printed on fine quality paper and it includes a cloth page marker. The pages are also sewn for maximum durability.

If you are new to J.C. Ryle’s writings, Daily Readings is definitely is an excellent introductory work to his other major writings. This would definitely make an excellent devotional companion for the coming new year! It retails for £34.99 and is available at a much cheaper price on

Disclosure: A review copy of Daily Readings was provided for review by 10 of Those, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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