Review | Bitesize Biographies

Biographies are wonderful food for the soul. They introduce you to people, take you to different places and times right at the tip of your finger. But if you are one of the many who share the interest but can’t take the time for hundreds of page studies, Bitesize Biographies from Evangelical Press is for you. These biographies offer comprehensive yet concise acquaintance with Christians who have made a difference, left an impact, and whose lives serve as inspiration to us all.

This particular set that I have is composed of six booklets all written by Dr. Tim Chester. Thomas Cranmer, William Tyndale, Mary Jones, Lady Jane Grey, John Wycliffe, and Aidan of Lindisfarne—I have already heard of them before and know a thing or two about them. But these booklets have properly acquainted me with these prominent Christians that I call “history makers.”

Dr. Chester is an eloquent and masterful writer. His accounts are well-rounded and each is presented in a very engaging way. I particularly enjoyed reading about Aidan of Lindisfarne. Of all the six figures, he is the only one whom I know very little about.

Evangelical Press’ Bitesize Biographies are refreshing and enjoyable to read. With this format, it is very easy to distribute for group studies. Highly recommended!

Disclosure: A review copy of Bitesize Biographies was provided for review by 10 of Those, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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