Book Review | The Child’s Story Bible

Catherine Vos’ Child’s Story Bible is a wonderful retelling of the Holy Scriptures. Originally published in 1935, this new beautiful hardback edition published by Banner of Truth features 26 full-color illustrations by Neil McArdle and includes a ribbon marker.

Vos’ love and mastery of the Holy Scriptures are very evident in this book. She retold the stories of the Bible at a level that is both clear and understandable without compromising Biblical and doctrinal truths. Unlike many Bible storybooks available in the market today that are so watered-down, this book is very readable but does not lack biblical depth. It also provides readers a nice overview of the story of redemption. It is composed of over 200 individual stories that are written and structured in a continuing way just like how the stories unfold in the Bible.

I noticed that some words and phrases throughout the book were italicized. This includes names and familiar Bible passages. I believe those words and phrases were specifically given emphasis so that readers could give special attention to them, and so that parents could particularly emphasize them to their children. I think that is brilliant and a nice feature. However, I think it would have been much better if footnotes and indexes were included especially for Bible passages to stir up further and deeper study.

I love how this book engages the mind and imagination. The stories are Biblically saturated which will lead you to ask Biblical questions and will give you Biblical answers as you read along. This is what makes this book perfect for kids who are always asking questions and often fascinated by things—an excellent tool in shepherding children and family devotion.

Final thoughts

I admire Vos’ warm way of writing. She used rich and age-appropriate language to expand Bibles stories that will surely engage readers and listeners, especially children. As an adult, I honestly can’t get enough of this book. I own many children’s storybooks and none can compare to this one. Every family should have this.

Disclosure: A review copy of The Child’s Story Bible (ISBN 9781848719422) was provided for review by Banner of Truth UK, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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