Book Review | Sketches of Faith

Sketches of Faith is a small book of introduction to prominent figures in Christian history. Edited by John D. Woodbridge, Research Professor of Church History at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, this book features 33 Christians who have played a significant part in church history so far.

I love history as a whole, and I sure love reading biographies. This book gives you the convenience of reading and knowing just the highlights of the lives of many prominent Christians in history. Each biography is as brief as four pages and contains the basic facts you have to know about the person – their background, their place in Christian history, their contributions. I like that each comes with a timeline, showcasing the milestones and accomplishments of each individual. And of course, this book literally contains pencil sketches of the persons it features. Recommended further readings are also included if you are interested in reading more about a particular figure.

You can be confident that the things written here are credible and trustworthy. FF Bruce, W. Robert Godfrey, J.I. Packer, Arnold Dallimore, John Pollock, are just some of the world-renowned historians and theologians who contributed to this project.

I also like that through this book I got introduced to a lot of people whom I have never heard of before. Names like Adoniram Judson, Frederick W. Baedeker, James Hannington, Mary Slessor, Martin Niemoller, Cameron Townsend, John Sung, Dr. Helen Roseveare, are all new to me.

Starting from Apostle Paul to Martin Luther, to Corrie Ten Boom and J.I. Packer, here is the full list of individuals featured in this book:

Paul the Apostle

John Wycliffe

Martin Luther

William Tyndale

John Calvin

John Knox

John Bunyan

Jonathan Edwards

John & Charles Wesley

George Whitfield

William Wilberforce

William Carey

Adoniram Judson

David Livingston

Frederick W. Baedeker

William Booth

Hudson Taylor


D.L Moody

James Hannington

Mary Slessor

C.T Studd

Corrie Ten Boom

Martin Niemoller

Cameron Townsend


Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

John Sung

Eric Liddell

Dr. Helen Roseveare

J.I. Packer

Jim Elliot

Chuck Colson

Final thoughts

The presentation that the authors did in this project is wonderful. It is straightforward and very accessible. If you are interested in refreshing your knowledge or reading about Christians you are broadly aware of, but may not be overly familiar with, this book is a good companion. The progression of this book will also give you a nice perspective on church history. Overall, I find this book really inspiring! It gave me a realization that all persons featured here are after all just like anyone of us—ordinary people who are powerfully transformed by God—and that we, too, could make an impact on this world.

Disclosure: A review copy of Sketches of Faith was provided for review by 10 of Those, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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