Book Review | Foundations of the Christian Faith

In Foundations of the Christian Faith, James Montgomery Boice wrote a comprehensive and readable one-volume Theology. It is an overview of the Christian faith, its doctrines, its teachings written with the average layperson in mind. This updated edition includes a foreword by Philip Ryken and a section-by-section study guide.

Previously released as a four-volume series, this book is divided in multiple parts and chapters that cover all the major doctrines of Christianity. Book One: The Sovereignty of God is composed of four parts with 18 chapters. It covers theology proper or the study of God, His attributes, His creation, and His inerrant word, the Bible. Book Two: God the Redeemer tackles the fall of man, the law and grace, and Christology. In Book Three: Awakening to God, Dr. Boice discusses the doctrine of sanctification and justification—the work of God in man. Finally, in the fourth book: God and History, he elaborates the work of God in His church, its significance in time and history, and ends in eschatology.

“Knowledge of God takes place in the context of Christian piety, worship, and devotion.”

Foundations of the Christian Faith, pg. 9

While this book leans towards Reformed Theology given the Presbyterian background of the author, any Christian will surely benefit from the Scripture-saturated pages of this volume. Dr. Boice also referenced the theology and teachings of many prominent figures in church history such as Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards on various doctrines.

I am full of appreciation towards Dr. Boice for this book. It is academically reliable but written with an easy and approachable style – really accessible to average person such as me. Over the course of years, I have collected for myself multiple volumes of books on Systematic and Biblical Theology from different authors, but only few I can truly say have been so helpful to me in terms of their readability. This is definitely is one of those. Each chapter of this volume is written with a warm pastoral approach.

Final thoughts

People nowadays has this wrong connotation that theology is for ministers and scholars only. What’s more concerning is I know a lot of Christians who have the same sentiment toward the subject. This is a fact: many of us today find theology overwhelming and intimidating. If you are one of those who are still intimidated by theology, this book is a good place to start.

Disclosure: A review copy of the Foundations of the Christian Faith (ISBN 9780830852147) was provided for review by InterVarsity Press, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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