Review | Story of Redemption Journals

Fueled by the mission of encouraging and equipping followers of Christ, The Daily Grace Co. exists to create beautiful, theologically rich, and accessible resources. They produce and offer a wide selection of gospel-centered books, journals, study guides, accessories, and decors that are intentionally beautiful. Among which is their best-selling Story of Redemption Journals.

The Story of Redemption 4-volume journals were designed to help you walk through the Scriptures. The concept is simple and straightforward. Inside each journal, you will find a half page for every chapter in the Bible to allow you to record your thoughts, key words, themes, and journal through the Holy Scriptures. The entire set covers the entire Bible. Volume one covers the books of Genesis through 2 Samuel, volume two is for 1 Kings through Psalms, volume three is allotted for Proverbs through Malachi, and volume four is for the 27 books of the New Testament.

First off, these journals look beautiful! They have a thoughtful and minimalistic design that follows a complementing pastel color scheme. Each journal measures 8.75” x 5.75” x 0.75” and has a nice-looking cloth-over-board cover. These journals also come with thick gold satin ribbon markers to help you keep your place. The paper is highly-opaque and does not glare under a direct light. Daily Grace Co. explicitly noted on their website that they used 100gsm (68lb) wood-free paper on these journals. At this thickness, you do not have to worry about ghosting and bleed-through as you journal your way through the Bible.

The Story of Redemption journal is not your ‘ordinary’ daily devotional notebook. Well, of course you can use it daily, but it does not give you the luxury to write novel-long reflections and devotionals. As aforementioned, you only have a half page for every chapter in the Bible. This allows you, or rather limit you, to capture just the very essence of each chapter in the gospel story of redemption. I would not consider this as a drawback in these journals as they are not really designed for long writings. If you are looking for such, Daily Grace Co offers a variety of selection you can choose from.

In using these journals, I would highly suggest that you find the context of the particular chapter, its key message, and how it points you to Christ. This way, you will be able to maximize the allotted space and make the most out of it. Aside from this, I also like that there is an allotted page where you can write the key words, themes, and key verses of each of the 66 books of the Bible. This allows you to capture the overall message of the particular book of the Bible. Those pages are found right at the start of each book. You can either fill those pages up as you read through the chapters or after you finished the entire book.

Final thoughts

I really like the Story of Redemption Journals! However, in my honest opinion, it would have been much better if at least a whole page was allotted for each chapter. This is in consideration of those who write with big characters, and for long Bible chapters where half page would not really suffice. Nonetheless, these journals are pretty solid. The format make you to really look for the message of each chapter and book in the Bible in a concise manner. I would highly recommend this for those who desire to have a more focused reading of the Holy Scriptures, but at the same time, wants to write their key takeaways.

Disclosure: A review copy of the Story of Redemption Journals was provided for review by The Daily Grace Co., from whom you may purchase a copy. For more information regarding these journals, visit

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