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You can’t go wrong with the solid and well-grounded writings of the great theologian Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Even over a century after his death, his works and teachings are still as useful and relevant as ever. Among which is his great commentary on the Psalms—The Treasury of David—which indeed is a true treasure made available to us.

In Daily Treasure, James Renihan presents us a condensed and updated edition of Spurgeon’s The Treasury of David—tailored as devotionals fit for a year. Renihan has worked carefully with Spurgeon’s material to create a concise and cohesive devotional that will guide the reader through the whole Psalter.

All of the 150 chapters of the book of Psalms were divided into 365 sections to produce a year of devotionals. In those sections, portions from Spurgeon’s commentary on the respective chapters and verses were carefully selected to make up the devotionals. There are sections where a whole chapter from the Psalms is dedicated only to a particular day, and there are sections where a chapter is divided into multiple days. This, of course, is determined by the length of each Psalm. Along with each devotional, Renihan also provided a suggested further and related reading on other books of the Bible. Each devotional ends with a meditative phrase for reader’s further reflection.

I love how the essence of Spurgeon’s work was captured in this devotional. Abridgement and condensation of long and massive books could sometimes lead to content compromise, and I know some condensed works which altered the original beyond recognition. In Daily Treasure, James Renihan not only masterfully abridged the Treasury, but he also updated the language for the modern readers. Along with this, he wrote a 14-page concise biography of Spurgeon which is included in the first part of this book.

Evangelical Press, the publisher of this work, also made an excellent job in the physical aspects of this book. The pages are sewn which causes the book to lay flat when open, and they are bound in a cloth-over-board cover. It also comes with a yellow satin ribbon marker.

Daily Treasure is well-done and very readable. The Treasury of David has been distilled here in a simple and understandable way. If you are new to Spurgeon’s writings, this is an excellent place to start. If like me, you love Spurgeon’s own devotional book, Morning and Evening, you will surely enjoy Daily Treasure.

Disclosure: A review copy of Daily Treasure (ISBN 9781783972333) was provided for review by 10 of Those, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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