Bible Review | Thomas Nelson New Testament Flipback

There are lots of pocket-sized Bibles available in the market today. Bibles that we can bring with us as conveniently as our mobile phones. But the downside is, the print of these Bibles has also been downsized and could be really difficult to read. There is a gap between portability and readability.

To bridge the gap between pocket-sized Bibles and a more readable text, Thomas Nelson worked with the distinguished Royal Jongbloed (Netherlands) to put the New Testament in a convenient pocket-sized edition with a text that is as large as those printed in full-sized Bibles. They bring us the NKJV New Testament Flipback, a Bible that you can flip on its head.

This is actually not my first time to encounter a Bible in this design and format. A year ago, Cambridge Bibles hosted a giveaway and it featured their KJV Transetto, a Bible in a flipback format.

The day I received my copy of Thomas Nelson’s NKJV New Testament Flipback Edition, I immediately posted it on my story on Instagram and Facebook. Surprisingly, it received hundreds of reactions and queries crowded my inbox. This new innovative design is really astonishing!

The NKJV New Testament Flipback Edition measures only 3.25 x 4.75 x .75 in and weighs 4.9 oz. It is just as small as a flip back wallet. It has a lightweight cardstock cover that is attached at the back end of the text block. With this design, the Bible can freely lay flat without any struggle. At the same time, the text block is smyth-sewn, so you don’t have to worry of breaking the spine as you flip its pages over.

This Bible has a 30 gsm paper. It is white and adequately opaque with some visible ghosting. The texts are line-matched which hides some of the show-through and greatly improves the overall readability. The pages are easy to turn. Aside from the innovative flipback design, the highlight of this Bible is its text size. It showcases a clear and readable 9-point NKJV Comfort Print text that is seamless to read. At this text size and with the 4.75-inch width of the textblock, an average of 13 words per line fit in. The text is set in a paragraph format. The verses are easy to follow but it could have been much better if this Bible has a two-color setting – with an accent color on chapter headings and verse numbers. But I think that is too much to ask at this Bible’s price point of $14.99. This Bible also has a concise NKJV footnote that features translation notes and cross-references. However, I find the Old Testament references useless since this does not include the OT. Nevertheless, it could be very handy when used side by side with another Bible with an OT text.

I love the NKJV New Testament Flipback Edition! I am seeing myself using it in a Lord’s Day afternoon chill, or in a family day out at the park or beach. It is also an excellent option to replace our economy Bibles that we giveaway on mission and evangelism trips. This Bible is just amazing. I am looking forward to seeing other translations and editions including the Old Testament in a flipback format in the future.

Disclosure: A review copy of the NKJV New Testament Flipback Edition (ISBN 9780785247197) was provided for review by Thomas Nelson, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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