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I recently discovered a new Bible publishing company through a Bible enthusiast group on Facebook. It is called Humble Lamb. A start-up company that publishes premium Bibles at great values, and currently has a KJV and NKJV line. Humble Lamb is roughly five years in the market and has a mission to present the Word of God in a way that compels people to read it and thus connect with God more intimately.

I got in contact with Humble Lamb’s CEO, Daniel Arroyo, and he graciously sent me a copy of their KJV Lion with Meritian goatskin leather cover and paste-down liner, in exchange for my honest review.

The KJV Lion is currently available in six colors: black, dark brown, blue, red, green, and purple. Each comes with a beautiful two-piece box and is designed with complementing color schemes. The review copy that I receive is the blue variant which has a burnt orange liner, blue-under-gold art-gilt, and three gold ribbon markers.

As previously mentioned, this Bible has a Meritian goatskin leather cover. It is sturdy and seems very durable. It supports the text block really well. It has a very fine pebbled texture and the edges are perimeter-stitched. It is stiffer than what you would expect in a goatskin cover, but I believe much of the stiffness comes from the card stock paste-down liner and not from the leather itself. The paste down liner prevents the Bible from laying fully flat and puts tension on the cover. Nevertheless, its quality is commendable. I have other Bibles with paste-down liner and they do not come close to the quality of this. I am pretty confident it will endure constant use. The spine of this Bible has six neat tooled bars instead of the usual raised hubs on premium Bibles.

One of the things I love most about Humble Lamb is that they imprinted “The Word of God” on their Bibles in place of “Holy Bible.” For others this may be a small detail, but for me that is actually a big deal and one of the things that make their Bibles stand out of the rest. I, personally, love to call the Holy Scriptures “the Word of God.” It is a bold declaration of faith. Humble Lamb did great in this which other publishers haven’t done before.

The KJV Lion boasts an off-white 36 gsm premium European Bible paper — the same thickness used in Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Premier Collection Bibles. The texts are line-matched and the opacity is great which renders this Bible with almost zero ghosting. The blue-under-gold art-gilt is stunning and adds so much beauty to the text block.

The design of the KJV Lion references traditional Bible layouts with its double-column, verse-by-verse typeset. It features 11-point font Milo Serif large print typeface. It is sharp, clean, and very readable. Each chapter begins with bold blue drop caps which look pretty nice and archaic. The generous inner margin is also praiseworthy. Many of the Bibles today have slim spaces in the gutter which greatly diminishes the overall reading experience.

Another highlight of this Bible is that the words of Christ are in blue. It is cool, new, and refreshing. A good rest from the usual red we see in Bibles today. But more than the aesthetics, I have read that Humble Lamb made it blue in consideration of millions of people that are affected with color blindness whose majority cannot see red, but can see blue. That is fantastic work!

Humble Lamb also did a great job with their cross references. It is placed just below the scripture text, separated by a thin line, and arranged in four columns. It is indeed easy to use, but I hope they make the cross-reference links bolder in their future releases. The old English text in the King James Version Bible could sometimes be very difficult to read and understand. With that, Humble Lamb included definitions from Webster’s 1828 and 1913 English Dictionaries and Wright’s 1876 Bible Word-Book to the bottom of each page to clarify archaic and confusing terms. This is an outstanding feature! The KJV Lion also showcases stunning illustrations of Gustavo Doré thoughtfully placed throughout the Bible.

This is what makes this Bible particularly incredible. The timeless and majestic beauty of the KJV, typeset in the traditional verse-by-verse layout, matched with the captivating Gustavo Doré artworks — all packaged in high quality materials make this Bible a masterpiece. Simply and uniquely impeccable!

Details make perfection. Humble Lamb’s craftsmanship and attention to details is amazingly remarkable! Their Bible really compels people to read it. All in all, I am totally impressed. In two words, the KJV Lion Bible is unique and extraordinary. It offers you a compelling and exceptional Bible reading experience.

The KJV Lion retails for $129 and is also available in edge-line edition for $199.

Humble Lamb is currently working on their second line of NKJV Bibles called “Shepherd.” It will soon be open for pre-orders, so that is something to watch out for. They have also recently signed a contract for another Bible translation, and close to finishing one more. Follow them on their social media pages to stay in the know of their latest news, updates, and releases.

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  1. Nitoy Gonzales says:

    Impeccable indeed. The Gustavo Doré artwork is the cherry of this Bible.

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