Bible Review | NASB Preacher’s Bible

Over the past year, there has been a lot of preaching Bibles showing up in the market. Released by different publishers — in various translations and formats — these Bibles are designed foremost for those who preach and teach the word of God. Among the recent releases in this line of Bibles is the NASB Preacher’s Bible from Zondervan’s Premier Collection. It contains the full text of the New American Standard Bible 1995 edition and hand-bound in a premium goatskin leather cover.

This black-letter edition Bible measures 6.5 x 9.75 x 1” and weighs 2 pounds, 11 ounces. Like the other Bibles in the Premier Collection, this one is smyth-sewn and edge-lined for added durability and flexibility. The scripture text is printed on 36 GSM premium European Bible paper, and is line matched for enhanced readability. There are some noticeable ghosting on the pages but it is not that distracting. The 10-point font texts are sharp and crisp in Zondervan’s exclusive comfort print typeface. This Bible is printed in China.

The goatskin leather is top-notch. Though it feels thinner than I expected, it supports the text block really well, especially when the Bible is held open on the palm. It has five raised ribs on the spine which beautifully add to its premium look. The leather liner seems good but it feels like synthetic. I like that it prevents the cover from being too floppy.

Aside from the supple and flexible goatskin leather cover, which smells really nice, what I love most about this Bible is the layout. The verse-by-verse, double column format works perfectly for me! While it is really dependent on preference, for me it is more easier to teach, preach, and read from a pulpit in this format. The double column gives every verse just ample space and allowance as they begin in a new line. With this, you will not easily get lost as you read along. It is also pleasant to look upon the generous outer margins, especially the lower part. It is an inch-thick where translation notes are printed on some pages — very ideal for minor notes and writings. On the the other hand, the inner margin is a little bit slim and some texts tend to go deep into the gutter. It would have been better if they allotted more space in it for a better reading experience.

Other beautiful features — which are also present in other Premier Collection Bibles — include art-gilt edges, gilt line, and perimeter stitching; semi-yapp which is just perfect for me (I never really liked full yapps); and three long double-sided satin ribbon markers (two black, one red). It has no concordance and maps.

This Bible retails for USD $189.99 but available in discounted prices on various online retailers. With this quality, this price point is pretty fair and reasonable. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee from Zondervan.

Overall, the NASB Preacher’s Bible in premium goatskin leather (ISBN 9780310453857) is a top-notch, excellently-made edition. It wonderfully serves its purpose for which it was designed for. It is portable and easy to carry. A great preaching companion!

Disclosure: A review copy of the NASB Preacher’s Bible was provided for review by Zondervan, from whom you may purchase a copy.

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