Album Review | Planetshakers’ Overflow

Planetshakers, the largest Christian youth movement in Australia, has been making a global impact with their music. With four Dove Awards nominations over the past three years, their music has become a modern worship phenomenon. Admittedly, every time they announce the release of an upcoming album, excitement and great anticipation fill my heart; and their recently released 15-cut worship album, Overflow, has greatly brought me such feelings. Earlier this year, Planetshakers released an EP called Momentum: Live in Manila with six tracks, three of which (Come Right Now, I Know Who You Are, Face to Face) were re-recorded live for Overflow. Reflecting the promise in Ephesians 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think, according to His power that is at work within us”, Overflow resounds the cry of today’s generation.

overflowmockup_deluxecddvdLike their preceding albums, Overflow album was recorded live at the annual Planetshakers Awakening Conference in Melbourne. What I love most about live worship recordings is the way in which they capture the crowd participation. This album captures the atmosphere of praise and worship and gives the listener an alive worship experience.

The first three tracks “Come Right Now,” “River,” and “Overflow” showcase the usual Planetshakers sound—catchy and energetic. Each has synth elements, and is pleasing to sing-along. But more than the energetic praise party songs, I always look for the anthemic, emotional, and lyrically-rich worship cuts in Planetshakers releases. Such songs leave a very powerful impact and are congregation-friendly. I am so happy to say that it is the main thing that I appreciate in Overflow album—it has a plethora of powerful worship tracks. Cuts like “I Know Who You Are,” “I Came For You,” “Sings My Soul,” “Precious To Me,” “Face to Face,” “Join With The Angels,” and “My Father’s Child” are the moments that no one would want to miss. These tracks revolve in one central theme—prayer for more of the Holy Spirit’s work and touch.

Gotta Give Him Glory” is a very catchy track and has a Traditional Black Gospel vibe which is new to Planetshakers. I hope to hear more of this on their future releases. The closing song “Here Comes Revival” boasts a trebly, groovy electronic dance party praise which will surely bring the listener to the dance floor.

Overflow has a little bit of everything; songs ranging from slow-tempo to fast, intimate to energetic. Planetshakers’ signature sound—synths with blasting guitar lines and pounding drums is so much present than ever; and I must say that they are spreading out their wings wide by putting on other flavors to their music—with song like Gotta Give Him Glory. To sum it all up, Overflow album is a solid, excellent, diverse, powerful album.

Prime cuts: Overflow, I Know Who You Are, Sings My Soul, Precious To Me, Gotta Give Him Glory

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: A review copy of Overflow was provided for review by Planetshakers, from whom you may purchase the album. To know more about Planetshakers, visit

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