Derek Prince Books are Now Available at House Of Praise!

Derek Prince (1915-2003), founder of Derek Prince Ministries International, was educated at Eton College and Cambridge University; he also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His way of explaining the Bible in a clear, simple way has helped millions build a foundation of faith.

Exclusively distributed by House of Praise in the Philippines, Derek Prince’s books of more than 50 titles can now be purchased at House of Praise and Worship Generation outlets nationwide!

List of titles (with prices):

Laying The Foundation-P85
The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit-P60
God’s Last Word-P85
The Roman Pilgrimage-P85
The Two Harvests-P85
How To Pass From Curse To Blessing-P115
Transmitting God’s Power-P60
Founded On The Rock-P60
Authority & Power Of God’s Word-P85
Life’s Bitter Pool-P85
Will You Intercede?-P85
Who Cares For Orphans, Widows-P115
Through The Psalms-P325
Declaring God’s Word-P535
Rediscovering God’s Church-P295
Foundations For Life-P505
Husband’s & Fathers-P205
Life-Changing Spiritual Power-P415
Living As Salt & Light-P295
Living In God’s Abundance-P295
The Key To The Middle East-P235
God’s Word Heals-P295
Prophetic Guide To The End Times-P235
Empowered For Life-P325
Power In The Name-P175
The Promise Of Provision-P205
Sound Judgement-P115
The Gifts Of The Spirit-P235
God Is A Matchmaker-P235
Blessing Or Curse: You Can Choose-P295
Faith To Live By-P205
Transformed For Life-P325
Secrets Of A Prayer Warrior-P175
Self-Study Bible Course-P205
Set Apart For God-P175
Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting-P205
They Shall Expel Demons-P235
Your Matter To God-P140
By Grace Alone-P235
You Shall Receive Power-P205
Entering The Presence Of God-P175
War In The Heavenlies-P295
The End Of Life’s Journey-P325
Bought With Blood-P235
Called To Conquer-P205
Pulling Down Strongholds-P115
Resurrection Of The Body-P85
Spiritual Warfare-P135
Thanksgiving Praise & Worship-P205
The Three Most Powerful Words-P85
The Holy Spirit In You-P140
If You Want God’s Best-P85
God’s Plan For Your Money-P115
The Grace Of Yielding-P235
The Harvest Just Ahead-P60
Through Repentance To Faith-P60
Immersion In The Spirit-P85
God’s Remedy For Rejection-P140
The Divine Exchange-P85
The Doctrines of Baptism-P85
Complete Salvation-P115
Burial By Baptism-P60
At The End Of Time-P85
Baptism In The Holy Spirit-P115
Expelling Demons-PP60
Objective For Living-P85
Final Judgement-P85
Fasting Successfully-P115
Faith & Works-PP60
Pages From My Life’s Book-P85
Partners For Life-P85

List of House of Praise and Worship Generation outlets:

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