The Biggest Pre-Christmas Sale Ever | House of Praise

Something BIG is coming your way, and it is seriously the BIGGEST pre-Christmas SALE ever! So mark those calendars! This is happening on November 14 to 29! Details soon!

The BIGGEST Pre-Christmas Sale is happening beginning this weekend! Don’t miss out! This may be your last chance to complete your collection!

House of Praise is also setting up a special day for you to shop on Friday (tomorrow). There is a sign-up sheet for this on the House of Praise page. It will be limited to 100 guests. Fill up form only if you are sure to go. Special discounts will be given on the first day.

EDIT: Friends can sign up here: 
But please sign up ONLY when you are sure you are coming on the 13th. Slots will be taken and others won’t get the chance if you sign up and then don’t go.

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