Album Review: Planetshakers’ #LetsGo

In the span of just less than two decades, Australia-based Planetshakers has literally shaken the planet with their music. Driven by the desire to empower generations to win generations, the very core of their ministry is to seek the presence of God, first and foremost. And as for their latest album, #LetsGo, they are making a response.
#LetsGo is the second album of the band for 2015 (it follows the successful Outback Worship Sessions which was released in May), and the 33rd in their growing discography.
I was present on the two-night concert of Planetshakers here in Manila last August, and within those nights, Planetshakers played two of the songs on this record. I can still recall Joth Hunt, their lead vocalist, saying Let’s Go is the response for what the “This Is Our Time” season has brought to Planetshakers and to the church as a whole. Indeed, #LetsGo should be the response of each Bible-believing, Christ-worshipping individual, for God has called us to be His hands and feet.
While the #LetsGo DVD has only eight videos on it plus a behind the scene footage, the CD is composed of 12 new songs, one new cover of an oldie (I Just Want You), an intro, and a prayer by Pastor Sam Evans, overall, 15 tracks. Like the other title cuts of Planetshakers’ past albums (This Is Our Time, Endless Praise, Nothing Is Impossible to name a few), #LetsGo has also gained prominence. Given the fact that they have played it in each city that they have visited early this year, I won’t be surprised if it might also reach the peak “Nothing Is Impossible” had reached. Its very youthful vibe is a charm. Plus, it is lyrically rich and powerful.
If there is one lesson that I’ve learned from Planetshakers through the years, that would be to be not reserved in worshipping Jesus—to be sold out and all out for Him. Truly, songs like “Nobody Like You,” “All About You,” and “New Era” reflect which. Each is an addition to their praise party song library; but if you prefer intimate worship songs rather than EDM infiltrated praise cuts, #LetsGo has also a plenty of it. “Home” is the first in line; its anthemic atmosphere compliments the message of the song which is obviously based on the parable of the prodigal son. While “Just One Touch” is musically intense, “Stepping In”, and “I Just Want You” are much simpler and gentle. My favorite track in the album is “Glorious Collision.” Sung by Natalie Ruiz, this poetic worship ballad brings out a lot of power and emotion. Its faith-stirring, heart-piercing, powerful message conveys how our God could turn our life around.
The thing that I love the most about this album is, it is so flavorful and diverse. “Born To Praise,” a Gospel-infused hip hop which I seldom hear from Planetshakers, is a good indicator that they are stretching out their tents. Though I think the first line of its verse is a little bit feminine (maybe written for their Women’s conference), the song as a whole is a celebration of the glorious destiny each one of us has in Christ; and all I can say is, I am looking forward to hearing some more of this genre on their future releases.
At the end of the day, Planetshakers’ #LetsGo did not disappoint. Though all of the songs are lyrically-brilliant, I hope they would dig down on this department just a little bit deeper. Instrumentally, each track is unique and stunning. Overall, this album is pretty incredible and seriously, really, absolutely, their best yet since This Is Our Time!
Rating: 5/5

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  1. Jane says:

    I really like this album! Nice review!


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