Planetshakers LIVE in MANILA [DAY 2] Journal + Concert Setlist

Hi guys! This is the continuation of my yesterday’s blog post which features my Planetshakers concert journal.

The second night of Planetshakers’ concert here in Manila was incredible. Aside from the energetic praise and worship, what I like the most was the time when Rudy Nikkerud exhorted about the all-sufficient, all-access power which our Father in heaven has for us. He has turned his testimony about his early years in the ministry to a powerful message which has challenged everyone.  There was also this profound moment when Sam Evans prayed for healing, and I know many people have been delivered and healed in Jesus’ name.

Truly, I can say that Filipinos love Planetshakers. No wonder that the Australian worship band scheduled two worship nights in the Philippines,

three—including the one in General Santos City. As Joth Hunt always says, Philippines is one of their favorite places.

Just right after the concert, like on the first night, Planetshakers has again made a time for autograph signing—the thing Filipinos are most excited about; but the sad part, this time no more selfies nor picture takings with the band allowed to accommodate all the concertgoers who want their stuff get autographed. Still, I’m so happy because my newly bought Even Greater CD+DVD was signed. :)

As for the setlist, there was no big difference in it on the two nights. As I have promised, I have for you in here the concert setlist for both nights; but please take note that the list I have may be incomplete or jumbled because I had to get out once in a while to go to House of Praise merchandise booth where I was volunteering. Thank you so much for understanding! 🙂

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