Album Review: Mandisa’s Get Up [The Remixes]

Along with TobyMac’s Dubbed and Freq’d, and Hillsong United’s The White Album, Mandisa’s “Get Up: The Remixes” is probably one of the most brilliant remix albums to date. Boasting 11 tracks, this 2014 remix project of the American Idol 9th Placer presents some of her biggest hits in a very courageous way.

Get Up: The Remixes starts off with the Capital Kings remix of Mandisa’s no.1 hit “Overcomer”—crafted in a heavy electronic vibe. Right at this moment the album mood is being set on a not so high EDM atmosphere, just enough to warm things up. This level of energy lowers as the album reaches its second track “Back To You” in a Neon Feather remix which is a bit slower; but the music regains its energy with “Joy Unspeakable”, its title defines itself—simply a moment pure joy and a whole lot of fun. These first three tracks are from Mandisa’s preceding album, Overcomer.
Energy bangs the roof with another Capital Kings Remix—‘’Good Morning’’. This cut stands out off the album and it will surely waken you up and bring you to the dance floor.
If you’re a Salsa dancer, you’ll certainly repeat the Rawlsco Latin Remix of “My Deliverer” time and again. It is my favorite song off this project; and also my favorite on Mandisa’s ‘Freedom’ album (its first release). I love how the song goes. It is kind of captivating—it will make your body move to the beat, unintentionally.
Another worth-mentioning prime track is “Shackles”. Popularized by gospel duo Mary Mary, this amazing Mandisa rendition in a beautiful remix is my second favorite.
The album ends the same way it started but this time the song intensifies as it ends, with the CB Ultra Run Remix of “Press On”—another track from Mandisa’s ‘Overcomer’ Album.
Overall, as I said in my introduction, Get Up: The Remixes is undeniably one of the most brilliant remix records so far. What I love most about this album is it has a lot of prime cuts. Noted that its songs were taken from Mandisa’s past records, songs got  a makeover—some got a little faster, while some slowed down a bit, but it didn’t change the quality, fun, joy, and fearlessness—all made even better. Strongly recommended!
Disclosure: A review copy of Mandisa’s Get Up: The Remixes was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.

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