Album Review: Banner by Desperation Band

Colorado Springs-based youth worship group, Desperation Band, raises the banner of worship with their latest album, Banner. Credited most notably for their songs “I Am Free”, “Counting on God” and “Strong God”, the band aims to create a soundtrack for the beautiful, compelling things God has been doing today.

Released in September 2015, the all-new live recording from the July 2014 Desperation Conference captures the spirit and energy of youth at worship while firmly establishing for all who listen that we share a deep-rooted history. The God of ages past is alive and well and moving mightily among people who are desperately committed to Him.

This 12-song collection features energetic praise, and spirit-moving worship songs. Opening track “Future” shows off the youthful vibe that’s been the signature of the band. Led majority by Jon Egan, songs are beautifully-crafted not just for the youngsters but for all ages. Track like “Fun” gives each of us a glorious moment to rejoice, dance, shout, and have fun in the freedom which Christ has paid for us, while songs like “With All My Heart”, and “We Are Yours” quiet our hearts in reverence and awe of Him. “I don’t have much but all I have I give to you, take it all Jesus” is such a faith-stirring and challenging prayer of offering with “Multiply”. Indeed, what do we have which God has not given?

Title cut “Banner” is a one big shift, musically. It is more likely into modern sounding melodies with its synths and rippling electronic effects. The entire song represents the very core of this release, the exact message the group wants to convey.

Overall, “Banner” is one of the best releases of the group, and probably the best yet, since their 2007 release “Everyone Overcome”. Truly, song like “On The Throne” (led by Kari Jobe) is a very good taste of the sweetness of congregational worship. The mighty hand-claps complement their singing of God’s sovereignty. I don’t know the exact words to describe the album, but it is raw, vibrant, and youthful yet for all generation.
Rating: 5/5
Track Listing:
01. Future    
02. Banner    
03. On the Throne    
04. Make A Way    
05. We Are Yours    
06. Break Open    
07. Closer To Your Heart    
08. Fall Into You    
09. No One Else    
10. With All My Heart    
11. Multiply    
12. Fun
Disclosure: A review copy of Banner was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.

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