Album Review: Radical Love by Victory Worship

Victory Worship’s “Radical Love” was released worldwide months ago through iTunes, in the Philippines via House of Praise; and I know for sure its songs are now being enjoyed, sung, and used by churches, musicians, music geeks, and believers not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. Now, for those who haven’t grabbed a copy yet, in this review, I’m gonna tell you why you should go now and do so, because you’re missing a lot!

Comprising 11 tracks, “Radical Love” is Victory Worship’s debut album and it is simply astounding. What I love most about it, is, it is from a Filipino Worship Band! The first song that I heard from it was the title track. It was being played at Saved Radio, and I was curious who the artist was because it’s new to my ears and it caught my attention. I was thinking of a foreign band, but in my surprise, it was from a Filipino artist (don’t get me wrong).

Radical Love is by far the best Filipino worship album I’ve ever encountered. Mixed in Tennessee, there is no doubt the songs from this album are very good in quality. They are all crisp and clear, which makes them soothing to the ears. It’s indeed, a world-class album, and a breakthrough in Filipino Christian music industry.

The best part of the album is the content of the songs. All of the tracks are brilliant—there are no album fillers. Songs are beautifully written
theologically rich, and musically brilliant. My favourite cuts are “Radical Love”, “Grace Changes Everything”, and “Jesus My Savior”. These songs are the heart of the album. Worth-mentioning are the album artists. Each lead singer has justified the message of the song(s) they sung, and they should be commended for which.

Overall, Victory Worship’s “Radical Love” warms my heart and makes me proud as a Filipino. And as I have mentioned earlier it is the best Filipino worship album yet. This just reminds me to give the excellent to the Lord for He is an excellent God. Again, if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, get now! Available worldwide via iTunes, but I recommend you to get the physical copy, available at House of Praise outlets in the Philippines.
Visit to know more about this group.
Disclosure: A review copy of Radical Love was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.

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