#BookReview: The Book of God

Recently, CLC Philippines has published a series of comic books from Kingstone Comics. Today, I want to share to you my review of “The Book of God”, one of those titles, written by Ben Avery.
Truthfully speaking, I am not fond of reading comics. Actually, this is my first comic magazine ever, and I’m serious. I have never owned one since my childhood. What I love most about “The Book of God” is the author’s presentation of facts and ideas. He began by introducing the Bible, how it was written, how its books was selected, how it spread, how it survive the time, and its trustworthiness. Even my sister liked and enjoyed it.
The good thing about “The Book of God” is its entirety is a presentation of facts about the Bible. It is, I must say, one of the important aspects of the book, especially for the children and for all the people who have limited resources. You might think that it can be overwhelming, but since it’s a comic magazine, the facts were laid in a vivid, light, orderly and most of all, in an enjoyable way.
My favorite thing in the book is, it tells us that the Bible is trustworthy, not because it was taught to us, not because of tradition, but because it is the truth. We are living in a world that says Jesus never existed, and the Bible is just a book of fairy tales. See how Satan has distorted the minds of people. That’s why the world needs it more than ever. Though everyone knows of this book, not everyone knows what it’s about.
Overall, “The Book of God” is a brilliant book for all ages; a very good introduction to those who don’t believe in the Bible; and for those who just want to learn facts. I am telling you, you will enjoy and learn while reading. Do yourself a favor, grab a copy now.
“The Bible is not a man’s account of his efforts to find God, but rather an account of God’s effort to reveal Himself to man.”
– Dr. Henry H. Halley
Watch out for more comic book reviews in the coming year! Blessings! Jesus be revealed!

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