Album Review: Wake Up The Wonder by Elevation Worship

A year ago, I discovered the music of Elevation Worship. They have welcomed 2014 with a new album, Only King Forever, and now, to end the year, they are offering us “Wake Up The Wonder”, their newest. I don’t know how they write their songs, but their passion for it is so stunning, that they have to release two albums in one year, having only nine months in between; where songs are all original and freshly-written.
Wake Up The Wonder is an album like no other. The musicality of the songs is unique and new to my ears. The messages of each cut are biblically-sound, and the vocals are perfect. Each track declares the salvation and victory in Christ which brings revival and hope. There are no album fillers, all 14 tracks are worth listening to—all prime cuts. “For The Lamb”, the twelfth track is my most favorite in the entire album. The theological truth found on its lines is so rich. You’ll surely love to sing it time and again.
I love how the album flows. I must say that there is no album that has ever affected me this way. The worship on “Wake Up the Wonder” is simply astounding and I don’t know how to express all of my feelings on this review. It’s unexplainable. I commend the whole team behind this project. Before the year ends, they have brought us new songs that will be cherished by the church for the coming years.

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