Album Review: Citipointe Live’s Wildfire

Shinning from Brisbane, Australia, Citipointe Live is one of the most passionate worship teams that I know. This amazing group has been resourcing the church with anointed worship songs for years now. Their biggest hit “You Reign” written by their Worship Pastor Aaron Lucas is simply astounding, and its message is still ringing in my ears. Devoted, their 2008 release is one my all-time favourite albums in my collection, and this year they are offering us their latest live praise and worship album “Wildfire”.
Recorded live over several worship nights at Citipointe Church, this new album comprises 10 new songs; and unlike their previous albums which are CD+DVD releases, “Wilfire” only comes on CD.
What I love most about Citipointe Live is their blazing passion for Jesus and people; and this passion to make the gospel of Jesus known to all is extremely manifested on their preceding albums. More than ever, this thing is wonderfully woven to Wildfire.
Musically speaking, Wilfire offers a high variety of musicianship. The melodies and beat are so catchy. On Top Of The World, the opening song, sets the mood of the album on high. It literally brings you on the top of the world as Joel Ramsey sings. Its high energy will surely motivate you to sing and dance for Jesus. Other energetic songs are Wildfire, and Unstoppable. On the other side, Wilfire also offers atmospheric worship moments. Some of the songs that you shouldn’t miss are My Soul Yearns, Greater Is, If Not For Love, and Living Water. Chardon Lewis’ If Not For Love is my favourite cut off the album. Its powerful message is simply moving. Truthfully speaking, Lewis’ song is what I anticipate most on Citipointe Live’s album annually. His voice and different way of worship leading gives life to any song that he sings. Becky Lucas’ Living Water is my favorite in terms of musicality. I adore her fervent voice which is so unique.
Lyrically, Wilfire is rich. After listening to all its songs, I must say that God’s love, power, and finished work on the cross are Wilfire’s central theme. I commend Beau Lamshed for writing the anthemic and in-depth song, Lion. The rest of the album is brilliant and powerful. In sum, the worship on Wildfire is authentic, and contagious. Every track on this album is congregational, and it captures the heart of the people—and that is to sing of God’s great love.
I give thanks to the creative team of Citipointe Church. Without them, the unseen people, there will be no beautiful albums like Wildfire.

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