Album Review: 10,000 Reasons: Kids Worship

Worship Together recently released a new album for Kids called “10,000 Reasons: Kids Worship”. Named after Matt Redman’s hit, this compilation album boasts 15 tracks that will surely attract kids and Sunday school teachers.
There are three things that I like about “10,000 Reasons: Kids Worship”: it is full of honesty and innocence; energetic; and it has a very good track listing. Firstly, the honesty and innocence that is present in the album is simply stunning. This is what I like most about the album. I could feel the heart of each and every kid vocals as they sing. Their heart beats for honest worship. There is nothing sweeter than to hear children singing their worships to Jesus—crying their heart out. As a Sunday school teacher, I love seeing our church’s kids getting deeper in their relationship with their Saviour, and that’s one of the essences of Sunday Schools, to guide children to walk the path where they should go. The album is just that, it is spiritually edifying.
Secondly, 10,000 Reasons Kids Worship is so full of energy and enthusiasm. That’s a very good thing and I must say a juncture in worship albums for Kids. We do not want to see kids to look so bored while they listen to worship songs. Energetic melodies will surely awake them and will bring them to the dance floor.
Lastly, this album’s great track listing gives children an access to current Christian music hits. Songs such as ‘Blessed Be Your Name’, ‘How Great is Our God’, ‘Indescribable’, ‘Here I am To Worship’, ‘Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)’, and the title track ‘10,000 Reasons’ have been today’s church favorites; and yes they are on this album.
‘10,000 Reasons: Kids Worship’ is a very good resource to the church, specifically to Sundays schools, and also to every home where there are children. I am certain of this that kids of different ages will enjoy to sing and dance for Jesus like never before. With its well-chosen track list, exciting energy, and moving honesty, I believe it will be a hit. Do your kids a favour, grab a copy now! I strongly recommend!
Disclosure: A review copy of 10,000 Reasons: Kids Worship was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.

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