Saved Festival 2014

Names. Icons. Characters. Luminaries. Personalities. History-makers. World-changers.
All of these come and go in their allotted times and seasons. They have risen and fallen through the ages, leaving legacies upon which civilizations have been built. We look up to these individuals who have shaped our global political, social, and cultural climates.

But there is none that can compare to the only name by which all others fall short. No other Name transcends time to touch countless lives in every generation. No other Name impacts our world with divine sovereignty and steadfast love. Through NO OTHER NAME can salvation be received!
SAVED boldly declares that Jesus Christ alone is the source of true transformation and renewal. Join us in declaring this timeless truth in SAVED FESTIVAL 2014!

Worship with a host of world-renowned international and talented local artists including Israel Houghton & New Breed (Kingwood, Texas), Esterlyn (Boise, Idaho), our very own VICTORY Worship! Our guest speaker Francis Chan is a prolific author of numerous books, a dedicated educator, and a passionate preacher of God’s undeniable truth.

Join the NO OTHER NAME campaign at SAVED Festival 2014, and together, we can start a movement that spreads the message of the Gospel in its purest form—only through JESUS CHRIST can we be saved.
Tickets are available at Ticketnet: 911555 or visit You may also call 910.5524 or 910.5352 for tickets.

Like Saved Festival on Facebook at for more updates.

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