Elevation Worship: Only King Forever {Album Review}

The day we accepted Jesus in our hearts and decided to follow Him, is also the day we were born in the family of God (John 1:12-13). It’s the day when we have fully committed our loyalty and allegiance to Him our Only Lord and King, and we stand and gather under the Banner of the Name who is above all names—Jesus Christ. It’s awesome to be reminded of this, that deep in our hearts we have our King; and it’s the theme of Elevation Worship’s newly released album—Only King Forever.
This 14-cut album is the reflection of what God has been doing in the Elevation Church today. It comprises 12 new songs, one reprise, and a remake of the classic hymn Blessed Assurance, the album also features Darlene Zschech.
With a high level of musicianship, the title track, “Only King Forever” is a very good album opener. I can sense a great anticipation and conviction in every inch of their declaration: “You are the only King forever Almighty God we lift you higher, You are the only King forever, Forevermore, You are victorious.” Knowing that there is always been a high ‘expectation’ for title tracks, this one will not disappoint you.

The entirety of the album is presented with a spirit of authenticity. Songs such as “Glory is Yours”, “Mighty Warrior”, “Great & Mighty King”, and “Unto Your Name” focus on the victory and glory that is found alone in Jesus. Each of these songs is parallel in their message.

Three songs that are worth mentioning for their rich lyrical content are “Grace So Glorious”, “The Love of Jesus”, “Raised to Life”, all are songs about the finished work of Christ, and the benefits of the cross and His redemption. Songs with such theme has become the highlight of many worship albums, because it is close to the heart of congregations. Another song worth mentioning (with the same theme) is the gorgeous remake of the hymn “Blessed Assurance”. The simplicity that turned to intensified worship moment will make your heart pound. The newly-written vamp lines: “Oh what a Savior, Wonderful Jesus, death could not hold You, You are victorious praise to the risen King” formed the peak of the song.

Closing Thoughts:
Elevation Worship is one of many worship bands that are literally changing the sound and atmosphere of worship in the church today— all for God’s greater glory. I am confident of this, that this new record will be cherished greatly by Christians especially musicians and worship leaders. I admire the atmosphere that’s been consistent in the album, which uplifts and stirs up the spirit. Overall, Only King Forever affords you an opportunity to worship God in a fresh and new way.

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Favorite Tracks:
Only King Forever, Grace So Glorious, Mighty Warrior, Blessed Assurance, Raised to Life
Rating: 5/5
Track listing:
Only King Forever
Glory is Yours
I Will Look Up
Grace So Glorious
Grace So Glorious (Reprise)
The Love of Jesus
Last Word
Mighty Warrior
I Will Sing
Everlasting Father
Blessed Assurance
Great and Mighty king
Unto Your Name
Raised to Life

Disclosure: I received free review copy of the album in exchange of my honest review and opinion. Special thanks to Essential Worship/ Provident Label Group

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