Planetshakers Kids: Nothing Is Impossible {Album Review}

ALBUM LABEL: Integrity Music
FAVORITE TRACKS: Nothing Is Impossible, I Call You Jesus,
This is the Day, We Cry Out

One of the biggest names in Australian Christian Music Scene, and one of the fastest growing Christian Churches in Australia—Planetshakers brings us their latest album under Kids Praise series, Nothing is Impossible. Released last year 2013, this 15-track album is composed of remakes of the most loved Planetshakers hits for the recent years, tuned up and fitted for children.

What I loved most in the album is its song line up; all of the songs included in the album are in my personal playlist of Planetshakers. The album also includes three scripture readings and prayers that will encourage children to read the Bible and pray.

Surely, children will love to sing the title track “Nothing is Impossible” with its faith-stirring message. The enthusiasm and energy is well consistent. With the same energy, the fourth and fifth song “This is the Day” and “You Are Good” are packed with electronic effects, both are songs of thanksgiving for God’s goodness and faithfulness. Indeed, your hands will be lifted high as you join and sing the sixth track “Put Your Hands Up”, where the children’s voices are noticeably alive. Acts 2:24 was read to introduce the next track, “The Anthem”. The rich worshipful atmosphere emphasizes the victory in Christ. “I Call You Jesus” was a highlight off the album for me, the bold declarations:”Nobody greater than You, nobody stronger than You…nobody bigger than You, no one can do what You do, no name is higher than the name of Jesus,” is simply heart-moving. The last three praise songs: “Let Praise Awaken”, “Get Up” and “Limitless” are awesome remakes filled with loud electronic effects and full of children’s participations. In increasing intensity, “We Cry Out” is a prayer for the healing of the nations and a cry for revival, where at the latter part you’ll hear children of different nationalities praying for their nations; and in ethereal worship moment the album ends with “Great is Your Love”.

Nothing is Impossible album is certainly a must resource for kids and for the children’s ministry. Most of the songs are filled with electronic effects as I’ve stated previously. I presume that some songs are not newly recorded, because I could hear Joth Hunt’s high-pitching voice and Pastor Russell’s, then re-mixed with kids’ voices. Also, I noticed that the songs were made shorter than their original album releases, presumably for the children not to feel “bored” of singing longs stanzas, which is good.

Overall, this record, with its songs, scripture readings plus prayers, gives the children a unique opportunity to worship God while impressing in their hearts the hunger for worship and for more of Jesus in spite of their age. Strongly recommended!

Rating: 4.6/ 5

Track listing:
Nothing Is Impossible
Psalm 100:5 & Prayer
This is the Day
You are Good
Put Your Hands Up
Acts 2:24 & Prayer
The Anthem
I Call You Jesus
Let Praise Awaken
Get Up
We Cry Out
Lamentations 3:22 & Prayer
Great is Your Love

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