Starfield on Starcruises

Prepare to make waves with STARFIELD ON STARCRUISES this October 27-30, 2013!
Becca Music is thrilled to invite you and your family to experience a one-of-a-kind concert with Canadian worship band STARFIELDaboard StarCruises, one of the premier cruise lines in Asia!
For the first time, STARFIELD will perform on-board as the main event during the cruise. More than just a luxurious holiday, this trip will also be a time for family bonding, refreshment and relaxation as the cruise takes you from Singapore, to Penang (Malaysia), and Phuket (Thailand).
Details and ticket prices are already available! Just contact Becca Music Tickets at (+632) 910-5524 or (+632) 910-5352.
STARFIELD has always been characterized by the energy, musicality, and compelling artistry that flows from one of this generation’s most beloved bands. Hailing from Canada, this award-winning and chart-topping band is aiming straight for your heart and soul, confirming that their latest album THE KINGDOM is so well-deserved of the accolades it has received.
Last year, Starfield sold out concerts in Cebu and Iloilo during their first worship tour in the Philippines. And now, they are once again inviting everyone to join together in worshiping our great God aboard StarCruises this October 27-39, 2013!

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