Holy Ground Album {Review}

ALBUM TITLE: Holy Ground
ARTIST: Citipointe Live
BEST TRACKS: Holy Ground, The Ninety-Nine, Emmanuel, El Shaddai
Brisbane, Australia’s Citipointe LIVE just released its 8th and latest live praise and worship album – Holy Ground. It has 12 tracks in a CD+DVD format, a great resource to any Christian specially to lead worshippers. It is already available in Australia and worldwide through iTunes and is set to release here in the Philippines on the 15th of July 2013.
It was recorded live at Citipointe Church by their key lead worshippers– Aaron & Becky Lucas, Joel Ramsey, Chardon Lewis, Beau Lamshed and the Citipointe worship team. The majority of the songs were written by Aaron Lucas, Joel Ramsey and Collin Moore.
The album title was taken from the passages in the book of Leviticus 20:26 (The Message): “Live holy lives before me because I, GOD, am Holy. I have distinguished you from the nations to be my very own.” While the album art depicts the burning bush when YHWH spoken to Moses.
THE ABSOLUTE, words & music by Aaron Lucas, this song declares the Lordship of Jesus Christ; the absolute truth of His Kingship and endless power. It was led by Aaron Lucas, and it started and ended with a shout “All glory to You” (taken from the end of the chorus). It has resemblance to the worship anthem “Break the Silence” (also from Citipointe). “You’re the absolute King of endless worth… Awesome God of truth…”
UNSHAKEABLE, words & music by Aaron Lucas, this song proclaims the unshakeable hope found in Jesus for He is Elohim—The All-Powerful One. This energetic song was also led by Aaron Lucas. Christ alone is the Unshakeable and the Solid Rock on whom we can put our trust—a song of Faith. “The waters crash around but my feet will remain on Christ the solid rock…”
HOLY GROUND, words & music by Aaron Lucas, the title track of the album. This song is short in composition but intimate, which makes it an ultimate worship anthem. Its chorus is very powerful and will surely stir up your spirit as you shout the holiness of God.  This song is easy to master and so congregational. As you sing this song, an atmosphere of worship will surely touch your heart as if you are Moses, back in the bible times—having an encounter with GOD in the burning bush. “I stand on holy ground, lifting a holy sound… Angels dancing all around…”
THE NINETY-NINE, words & music by Collin Moore, led by Becky Lucas, this song was taken from Matthew 18:12 (NIV), “What do you think if a man owns a hundred sheep, an one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one who wandered off?” It declares the love of God for humanity that he chose to leave the heavens above to save us—to find us who were lost. Our God is YHWH Rohi—the Lord our Shepherd. ”Merciful and Mighty, for love you left the ninety-nine.”
EMMANUEL—GOD WITH US, words & music by Chardon Lewis, led by Chardon Lewis, this song is an anthem of praise for our God who never leaves us. It is a broad declaration of faith—“whom shall I fear, for you are always near,” Chardon sang soulfully (as always) never forget Becky’s powerful second voice as the drum line beats. It’s my favorite track in the album, so powerful!
WE’VE COME ALIVE, words & music by Joel Ramsey/ Colin Moore; it proclaims the All-Sufficient GOD—YHWH El Shaddai. His faithfulness through the ages and His power to save is the message of the powerful chorus.
EL SHADDAI, words & music by Joel Ramsey, led by Becky Lucas, this song is another worship anthem for the God who saves, our only hope. Becky’s voice never fails us to give us very soulful and anointed songs that will surely push anyone to a moment of worship. “Jesus our hope El Shaddai there is no one like you!”
SURRENDER, words & music by Aaron Lucas, another song led by Becky. As the title conveys, this song is an anthem of surrender. Beautifully crafted, this song will surely put you at the foot of the cross to surrender everything.
HOLD ME NOW, words & music Beau Lamshed, it started with strums of guitar, this song coveys the Power of God who created us that resonates with Psalm 139:13 (NIV), “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” I love how the song ends, a shout of “I am Yours!”
HEAVENLY LIGHT, words & music by Joel Ramsey/ Aaron Lucas; a Father to the fatherless; Eyes to the blind; Hope where all hope is gone, your name is Jesus Christ—A declaration of our need of Jesus for He is the only one who can complete us. You will surely love the part when the choir/ congregation sings as the guitar strums.
GLORIOUS, words & music Aaron by Lucas, Joel Ramsey & Collin Moore; It shouts the glory of our God who has conquered the grave because of his love. This song has an excellent guitar line; you are free to dance as you listen to it, what an energetic song indeed!
UNFAILING FATHER, words & music by Joel Ramsey & Collin Moore, an awesome song to end the album. Very congregational, it exalts our Unfailing God—the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, who was and is and is to come (Revelations 1:8 NIV). This song is prayer of the heart, giving and surrendering all authorities and dominion to our God, “Your kingdom come, your will be done… my forever King, Heaven’s royalty…”
I don’t know how to express my joy to listen and worship with this phenomenal album. It is an absolute declaration of worship to our Living, Powerful, All-Sufficient, Never Failing and Ever-Loving God. Every song in this album is beautifully written, spirit-breathed and so anointing! As soon as it reaches the music stands/ record bars in you place, I encourage you to get your own copy! It is very great resource indeed. Shalom! Emmanuel—God with us forevermore! J
Disclosure: A review copy of this album was provided by Citipointe LIVE. Special thanks to Ps. Mark & Leigh Ramsey and to Ms. Vanessa Johnson.


Citipointe Live is worship team birthed from citpointe church Brisbane and Have a great passion for the local church. Devoted their church vision ‘to unmistakably influence our world for good and for God’, Citipointe Live travel internationally bringing changing worship and trainging to churches and conferences world wide
For more info., visit: http://citipointelive.com/

Citipointe Church (formerly Christian Outreach Centre Mansfield) is a Pentecostal Christian church founded in 1974. It is the founding church of the Christian Outreach Centremovement. The founding campus is located in the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield, in Australia. The church’s senior pastors are Mark and Leigh Ramsey, who have held the position since September 2000.
For more info., visit: http://citipointechurch.com/

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