LWP#1: Justine Paolo Gadiano Parcasio

Last week, I contacted a friend of mine, whom long ago I found because of the social networking site Facebook, isn’t that great and awesome?

I selected him as the pilot/ first lead worshipper whose profile is to be featured here in my worship blog. Thank GOD, he responded so quickly!

His profile goes like this…

Current City/Location: Baguio City, Philippines
Church: Grace Communion International – Baguio City/La Trinidad Church
Denomination: Grace Communion International
Years leading worship: 2 years
Active members: 60-70 members
Favorite Worship song: Our God by Chris Tomlin
Instrument(s) you play: Guitar
Favorite Worship song: Our God by Chris Tomlin
Instrument(s) you play: Guitar
Last two books read:“Hearing and Understanding the Voice of God” Compiled by Frank A, DeCenso Jr.
and “The Shack Revisited” by C. Baxter Kruger PH.D.

Q1: How would you describe the set up of your church?

Our local church usually use the “ Blended Style” of worship where the songs are a combination of hymns and contemporary songs representing the different generations of the church family.

Q2: Please share your journey to becoming a lead worshipper.
-My journey as a worship leader started when I was a child, when my parents bring me to church regularly (this is what Proverbs 22:6 is all about). Since childhood, my parents encouraged me to render a “special music” at church with my sister or even with my whole family. And as I grew up, I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ on April 21, 2004 through my aunt Auey at the age of 9 and on December 26 on the same year, I got baptized. From then on, I started attending praise and worship concerts of Darlene Zschech live in Manila last 2010, Hillsong United Aftermath Tour last 2011 and other local Christian concerts. In our church, I started joining the worship team as a back-up singer until our senior pastor asked and encouraged me to lead worship. My first time to lead worship was during the Pastoral Team’s Conference on May, 2011, which was held at Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City. The second time was last year, June 10, 2012 during our church’s 36th Anniversary which was held in a resort on top of the mountain. Since then, I was continually assigned as a worship leader at least once a month. I am so excited for the things God has prepared for my future as a worship leader/lead worshipper.

Q3: I know you have a unique working relationship with your pastor, why is this important for pastors and lead worshipper to cultivate?

-It is very important for a worship leader to cultivate a good relationship because the pastor serves as the father and shepherd of the church. It is always right to consult and seek spiritual wisdom from the pastor every now and then about your worship line-ups like the songs and scriptures. 

Q4: What type of tech tools are you using in your church?

-Laptop, LCD projector, instruments and sound system.

Q5: What are some of your favorite worship resources?

-Our church’s hymnal (WCG/GCI Hymnal).

-GCI Manila’s Worship Lyrics Compilation (for power point slides, song chords and lyrics)

-Various Christian CDs and DVDs.

                                                         – http://www.trinitarianworship.blogspot.com

                                                         – http://www.worshiptogether.com

                                                         – http://www.darlenezschech.com

                                                         – http://www.youtube.com (for song searches)

                                                         – http://www.ibethel.tv

Q6: What is the biggest lesson you have learned in leading worship?

-The biggest lesson I’ve learned in leading worship is that for me not to focus on myself as a worship leader but to focus and depend on the ultimate and perfect worship leader who is the Lord Jesus Christ. When your focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ, all the worries, hindrances and imperfections will disappear and worship will be a genuine expression of our love for God.

Sample Praise and Worship set


-We Praise Thee O God, Our Redeemer (Hymnal)

-Kay Buti Buti Mo Panginoon

-Give Us Clean Hands (Chris Tomlin)

-Great Thy Faithfulness



                OFFERTORY SONG: (Special Music)

                                -Ang Dakilang Katapatan


                CLOSING SONGS:

                                -For You Alone (Don Harris)

                                -You are good (Israel Houghton)


My final words and advices to aspiring and new lead worshippers

—For aspiring and new lead worshippers, it is very important to set a time solely devoted for you and God. This is the time where you seek God through prayer, reading His word and even singing the songs you have chosen for your worship set/line-up as a your personal worship. It is also important to have time for you as a worship team to practice at least once a week. In our church, our worship team meets regularly every Wednesday, the time used to practice the songs and take time to pray for each other. When you do this regularly, you allow the Holy Spirit to train, teach, equip, correct and soak you with His presence personally and the group as a worship team in your worship leading journey. . . amazing journey!!!

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